Talk at New Mexico Tech on 26 September 2022

Dr. DeBlasio will be giving a talk titled “Building an Automated Scientist: Three stories of accelerating scientific discovery” in the Computer Science Department Seminar Series at New Mexico Tech (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology) in Socorro, NM on Monday, 26 September 2022 at 5:30 pm. The slide deck used is attached below. This talk will discuss several of the major projects currently happening in the group and the background from Dr. DeBlasio’s previous work that is relevant. The abstract is also below the fold.

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UTEP IDR Event on 30 March 2022

I will be giving two talks at the UTEP Interdisciplinary Engagement Event on 30 March 2022. My talk, titled “Who needs a manual? Automating scientific tools to accelerate innovation. Building an Automated Scientist: Parameter Advising for Accelerated Discovery” (slides below) will be conducted twice: once at 1:00pm at Station B and once at 3:00pm at Station A in the Interdisciplinary Research Building (IDRB) Room 2.204. The full schedule of presentations can be found here, with the other speakers including colleagues from around campus and including here within Computer Science.

Handout | Slides

Talk in the Biology Department Seminar

Dr. DeBlasio will give a talk in the UTEP Biology Department Seminar on Friday 11 October 2019 at 12:30pm in room 2.168 in the Biological Sciences Research Building. This talk gives an overview of his work geared towards building an automated bioinformatician though the application of a framework called Parameter Advising. Below are links to his slides and relevant publications discussed.

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